When it comes to high-level gastronomic pairings, the elegance and complexity of a good bottle of champagne paired with the refinement of Japanese cuisine represent the pinnacle of the art. Sushi, with its variety of flavors, textures, and aromas, finds in the effervescence and aromatic notes of champagne an ideal travel companion, capable of transforming a simple meal into a complex and stimulating gastronomic experience. We are the Japanese restaurant Kandoo in Milan, and we are proud to offer this experience, where exclusive yet accessible bottles meet the preparations of our kitchen to give you an exciting and engaging experience.

Champagne, with its history of elegance and celebration, is not just a toast beverage; rather, it is a true flavor enhancer when paired skillfully. The key to a successful pairing lies in champagne’s ability to enhance the delicate flavors of sushi, thanks to its acidity, refreshing bubbles, and subtle fruity or floral notes.

Let’s focus on Brut, a versatile and appreciated champagne ideal for accompanying sushi. Its perfect balance between dryness and acidity makes it the ideal ally for nigiri or sashimi, where the freshness of raw fish is emphasized and enriched without being overwhelmed. Brut, with its fine bubbles, cleanses the palate between bites, preparing the mouth to fully receive the delicate and sometimes complex flavors of sushi.

For sushi characterized by a higher fat content, such as those based on salmon, tuna, or eel, a champagne with a slightly more structured body, such as a rosé or a vintage, can offer an interesting contrast. These types of champagne, with their richness and notes of red fruits, can complement the oily texture of the fish, creating a harmony of flavors where none prevails over the other, but they enhance each other.

However, it is important to avoid excessively sweet champagne, which can clash with the subtlety of sushi, risking to overpower the delicate gustatory balances. The golden rule is to seek balance, choosing champagnes that know how to respect and enhance the flavors they are paired with.

But the art of pairing does not stop at sushi. Japanese cuisine offers a wide range of flavors and textures, and the same can be said for champagne, which with its variety of styles – from the driest Brut to the sweetest Demi-Sec, passing through prestigious cuvées – offers endless exploration possibilities. For example, Japanese dishes with a more intense flavor profile, such as those based on soy sauce or wasabi, can find in champagne a counterpoint that balances intensity without overpowering it.

At our restaurant, Kandoo in Milan, we believe that the pairing between champagne and Japanese cuisine is a journey worth exploring in all its facets. Our mission is to guide you in this discovery, offering you not just a meal, but an experience that speaks to your curiosity and your palate, demonstrating that true luxury lies in the quality of the experience and in the sharing of unforgettable moments. We await you to toast together to this wonderful exploration of flavors.