Elegant and minimal, our restaurant is a tribute to the pursuit of perfection of our culture: a well-cared-for environment, in line with the fusion trend, that tells the story of our dishes: a fusion between the distant flavors of the Land of the Rising Sun expertly combined with Mediterranean taste.

We have chosen contrasting materials, such as iron, combined with the natural effect of wood and slate stone. A play on perspective between Western taste and a continuous reference to the East.

Curated by Nisi Magnoni, one of the most successful architects in the Milanese dining scene. A creation that is based on strong contrasts between warm and cool colors, which may seem unusual but create an elegant thread with decorations of refined design.



Let’s face it, who would have thought that we could combine two such different things in such a fantastic way? Aperisushi isn’t just a trend, it’s as if we invited Italy and Japan to sit down at the table together, have a chat, and then, why not, create something magical together. And Kandoo has truly done it in style.

When you think of aperitivo, you immediately picture that moment of pure relaxation after a long day, right? Now add sushi to the mix, which is practically synonymous with sophisticated and flavorful cuisine. Well, aperisushi is the perfect combo. It’s like taking the best of both worlds: the lightness and fun of the Italian aperitivo with the precision and uniqueness of Japanese sushi.



We launched our Japanese catering initiative to bring the authentic essence and refined style of Japanese gastronomy directly to your event. Whether it’s a significant occasion such as a private reception, a birthday celebration, a graduation ceremony, a baptism, perhaps your wedding day, or even a corporate meeting of any kind, our team aims to be the perfect partner to elevate every event to a level of memorable experience.

Imagine being able to offer your guests not just a moment to share but a true sensory journey through the flavors, colors, and atmospheres of the Land of the Rising Sun, meticulously curated to perfectly match the style of your event and enhance every aspect, at any moment. With us, every detail is considered to make your occasion not just an event, but a story to tell.


Il nostro chef

Dopo un lungo periodo di apprendistato per conoscere e padroneggiare l’arte della cucina nipponica è stato scelto per creare i piatti di Kandoo.

I suoi valori? La costanza, la precisione e la continua voglia di servire al cliente un piatto impeccabile nel gusto. 

Il suo sogno? Realizzare piatti che raccontino un viaggio e ritorno da Milano al Giappone, unendo queste due culture e i loro sapori.





Il nostro chef

Il team

Ecco le persone che accompagnano il cliente nella sua degustazione della cultura giapponese, condividendogli curiosità e la preparazione di ogni piatto.

Sempre con un sorriso!

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Il miglior regalo per un amico? Una gift card da Kandoo: molto più di una gift card, un viaggio culinario in Giappone, senza bisogno di un biglietto aereo.