Our Menu

In our restaurant, each dish is crafted following the Japanese tradition: a delectable menu consisting of dishes, wines, and desserts… Ideal for those who want to experiment with and get to know the art of Japanese “cooking.”

We pay extreme attention to the raw materials: only with fresh ingredients that meet the highest standards to give our customers the true essence of tradition.

Our chefs create – they do not just cook – dishes that captivate the eyes first (here is an example of the colors) after just one glance. Colors that evoke new flavors – to be savored during a lunch break (and business lunch) or over the course of an elegant dinner.

All of this, in an elegant location with minimal features.

A fusion menu between the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun and the typical Mediterranean notes creates a sensation of familiarity and discovery with each bite.

Many exquisite options, with the possibility to order selected fish and meat dishes, for a complete and varied proposal for every customer.